Blum Knock-In Tool for Press-In Hinges



Blum knock-in tool for installing press-in concealed hinges having the integrated Blumotion soft-close in the hinge cup. Simply line up the hinge over the boring holes. Then using a rubber mallet with the knock-in tool pound the hinge into place. Note: the older style knock-in tool will not work the Blumotion hinges.

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Product Description

  • Blum ZME0710 BLUMOTION Press-In Hinge Knock-In Tool
  • This hand insertion tool installs all CLIP top BLUMOTION, CLIP top, and MODUL with housing strike hinges.
  • Blum press-in hinges install simply and quickly
  • This knock-in tool helps to press them into the holes as the should not be installed with a hammer


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