Painted Cabinet Doors

Get your cabinets factory finished with Beautiful and Durable Conversion Varnish.

Painted Cabinet Doors

Painted Cabinet Door Process

Our solid colors are machine sprayed and oven dried. The product is sprayed horizontally to achieve high solids, with a no-sag, no-run finish. It is then transferred directly into flash off ovens. These ovens are environment and heat controlled. The ovens are key to preventing airborne particle contamination from getting trapped in the top coats. The result of this process is a coat that measures approximately 3.2 mils thick with very little to no airborne particle contamination.

So what does that mean?

Your doors and drawer fronts will have an industrial grade finish that stands up household cleansers and moisture. The 10° sheen is pleasing to the eye yet easy to wash and hides those pesky fingerprints.

We have 14 standard colors derived from Benjamin Moore paints. This gives you the ability to plan your project and match to existing elements in your home.